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2012-2013: Thesis project for Technical Artificial Intelligence

Eindhoven University of Technology

"Hierarchical Object Classification through Probabilistic Common Sense Knowledge".


This thesis presents a manner for object classification by the use of semantic knowledge and probabilistic reasoning with such knowledge. An ontology of object classes and their context and properties is represented as a Markov Logic Network, which is a method of unifying first-order logic with probabilistic reasoning, developed recently. For each scene, the ontology is combined with symbolic observations of objects observed in the scene. Probabilistic inference is then used to infer the class or a superclass of those objects. This was done as part of the RoboEarth project

2010-2013: MSc. Technical Artificial Intelligence

Utrecht University

TAI focuses on techniques and systems for AI, from a computer science perspective. I took courses on modal logic for intelligent agents, multi-agent systems and learning, motion and manipulation, (now classical) computer vision. This was before the big deep learning boom but have since taught myself some deep learning and convolutional neural nets.

2007-2010: BSc. Mechatronics,

Avans University of Applied technology, Breda

Learned about (now classical) computer vision, drive technology, simulation of dynamic systems, PLCs and embedded systems.

2005-2007: Introductory year into mechanical engineering

Fontys University of Applied technology, Eindhoven

2000-2005: HAVO, NT profile

Maurick College, Vught