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Mojin Robotics: Since 2019

Mojin Robotics is a spin-off company from the Fraunhofer IPA institute and is building applications for the Care-o-bot 4 platform of modular robots, based on ROS

Since January 2019, I've been working for Mojin Robotics in a largely remote setting, occasionally traveling to the offices in Stuttgart. My job there also involves robot applications. In a sense, this job has allowed me to professionally what I used to do as a hobby only. This entails proper testing, monitoring and actually running applications unattended with real people. The most exciting application of our robots is called Paul: a customer assistant in several MediaMarkt and Saturn electronics stores in Germany and Switzerland.

My work at Mojin Robotics

Nobleo Technology (2015-2019)

Nobleo is a consultancy and projects company based in Eindhoven.

My work at Nobleo Technology

Robot Rose: 2014-2015

Robot Rose was a small robotics company aiming to create a shared-autonomy robot to care for elderly and disabled people. It was partly tele-operated and could perform some basic functions autonomously, such as navigation and grasping. I've been part of many tests with potential users of the robot, sometimes operating the robot via the internet from the other side of the country. We've tried tasks of all sorts, from putting on someone's hat and opening a door to wiping tables clean. Unfortunately, the technology and health care sector were not ready for this and I think both are slowly advancing to make what Rose tried more feasible.

Sioux: 2013-2014

Sioux was my very first real job out of university, though I only worked there very briefly. I developed an Android+iOS app (for trip registration) which was I was not very fond of. We set this up in Xamarin to be cross-platform, so we could share some 75% of the code between platforms due to the right abstractions.

WWA: 2008-2012

During my studies, I had a side job at WWA, which was my very first robotics job. I learned a ton there! I had never programmed C# not an (ABB) industrial robot before. With just the programming language manual under F1 I figured out how to set up TCP/IP communication to a vision system so I could implement my internship project concerning bin-picking (before that was a reasonably solved problem). I also worked on what was in retrospect a custom robotics middleware akin to what I'd use ROS for nowadays.